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Fox Paratrooper.  2 inch mammoth parachute with red smoke or green smoke.
Parachute with crackle.  Parachute with crackles and a plastic soldier.
Color Smoke Parachute.  Parachute with red smoke
Fish Candy.  Duration approximately 1 minute. red green blue fish, red green blue fish with silver rice ears red green blue fish with silver crackles.
Ducky.  2 pack of plastic novelty ducks.  “Yellow Ducky: silver fountain to lemon sparks with silver sizzling crackles, yellow purple fish to silver crackles. Green Ducky: green fountain to green sparks with silver sizzling crackles, red green blue fish to silver crackles.”
Boom Box.  An all aerial cake assortment with 9 different multi-shot cakes (2 500gram & 7 200gram) 174 shots total. Red, White & Wild,  24 shots Chart Topper,  24 shots K-Pop,  16 shots Crowning Glory,  19 shots Sonic Storm,  16 shots Hit It!,  20 shots Chasin’ Tail,  20 shots Noisy Boys,  15 shots Maximum Impact,  20 shots
Firestix.  6 assorted fountains.  Red pistil fountain.  Yellow pistil fountain.  Silver pistil fountain.  Green pistil fountain.  Blue pistil fountain.  Purple pistil fountain
Kingdom.  16 shot cake.   Red glitter.   Gold ti-willow
Salute To Service.  170 shot cake.  Red light with silver spinner.  Green light with silver spinner.  Blue light with silver spinner.  Purple light with silver spinner.  Red light with report.    Green light with report.  Blue light with report.  Purple light with report.   Gold pine and bloody red with green umbrella.  Gold pine and neon orange and green umbrella with chrysanthemum.
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12 Pack of Party Poppers
Technical smoke.  Long lasting, Thick, Media smoke with a wire ring pull ignition.  5 colors to choose from, Red, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Over 1 minute duration.
Summer Night.  3 Assorted multi-shot cakes. 16 shots ea 48 shots total.
7″ Thor.  6 Pack Missiles. 1. Yellow stars with white strobe; 2. Green stars with white strobe; 3. Blue stars with white strobe; 4. Red stars with crackles; 5. Purple stars with crackles; 6. Lemon stars with crackles.”

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