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Multi-Shots 500 Grams

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49 shots filled with glitter, brocade, stars, palms, fish, umbrella and crackle in colors of red, blue, white, green, purple, and gold.
A fast action zipper cake with 156 shots of rapid fire, golden willow with tails, ending with a gold willow finale.
30 Shots of lots of glitter and pearls in colors of red, green, silver, purple, and yellow.
A fast back and forth zipper cake with 100 shots of color changing tips and report that finishes with whistle crackle missiles.
American Summer.  36 shot cake.  Crackle mine up eject blue star and red fall leaves.  Red tail up to red star and skyblue with white glitter.  Green tail up to purple star and skyblue with green glitter.  Blue tail up to lemon star and skyblue with red glitter.  Crackle mine up eject white glitter and green fall leaves. Brocade and chrysanthemum.
This 182 shot zipper cake is packed full of willows, purple, blue, and yellow stars, white brocade crown, and glitter.
36 shots. Jam packed with brocade crown comets, crossettes, peony, coco palm comets, and strobes in an array of colors including, red, blue, silver, green, gold, orange, white, and purple.
16 Loud shots of brocades, stars, and flower willows in gold, yellow, silver, and sea blue.
16 Shots. Bangin’ Hard proves that they do make them like they used to! Blue and white glitter mines erupt with each fan-fired shot, with hard breaking palms and titanium chrysanthemums.
A case of 2 multi-shot cakes with 18 huge shots of strobe, dahlia, crackling palm, brocade crown and chrysanthemum effects. Colors include: red, blue, white, purple, green, yellow, silver.
This 500 gram fountain and aerial cake starts with a chaotic fountain effect of silver, red and green sparks with lots of crackle. Bigger titanium sparks shoot off with snow chrysanthemum with red stars and ends with high shot breaks of red, green, blue peony with silver chrysanthemum. Fountain + 22 shots
15 shots. Packed with cyanine blue star, crackle, and white, red, and gold glitter.
Color Demon.  36 Shot cake.  Red mine with silver spinner.  Green mine with silver spinner.  Blue mine with silver spinner.  Orange mine with silver spinner.  Purple mine with silver spinner.  Gold willow and red plum flower.  Red mine with report.  Green mine with report.  Blue mine with report.  Orange mine with report.  Purple mine with report.  Gold willow and chrysanthemum.
49 shots bursting with yellow, purple, red, blue, and green colors! Includes glitter, mines, and peony.
Fill the sky with 30 shots of white strobes, red and yellow pearls, brocade crown, and crackle.
This packs a punch full of red palm, white glitter, brocade, blue pistil, color peony, and chrysanthemum effects.  8 shots.
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12 Pack of Party Poppers
Technical smoke.  Long lasting, Thick, Media smoke with a wire ring pull ignition.  5 colors to choose from, Red, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Over 1 minute duration.
Summer Night.  3 Assorted multi-shot cakes. 16 shots ea 48 shots total.
7″ Thor.  6 Pack Missiles. 1. Yellow stars with white strobe; 2. Green stars with white strobe; 3. Blue stars with white strobe; 4. Red stars with crackles; 5. Purple stars with crackles; 6. Lemon stars with crackles.”

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